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Could Hilary’s 9/11 Memorial Collapse Affect Gold & Oil Prices?

Hilary Clinton’s fall on Sunday has sent shockwaves through Western media. The rumors of poor health culminated with HRC fainting at the WTC site, while paying respect to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks 15 years ago. The Democratic Presidential candidate needed to be hauled away by the Secret Service in order to receive medical treatment, only to reappear a few hours later, feeling “great”.

This raises a lot of questions about Clinton’s health. This may play into Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s hands, as the electorate may see Hilary as being too weak or too old to be President, which could lead to a Republican victory in November.

On the other hand, if Clinton were to win the Presidential election. Subsequently, if the Democrats’ presidential nominee is likely to have serious medical issues resulting in her inability to lead the USA, there could be serious uncertainty regarding the short-term political future of the United States.

Now, how could this affect commodities prices? Well, FED Chairperson Janet Yellen may be itching to increase US interest rates ever so slightly, which could lower the prices of gold and oil, as investors look to store their wealth in currencies with higher returns. Relative demand for gold and oil would decrease in USD terms. This rate hike looks increasingly possible soon, as FED members are giving increasingly hawkish hints with regard to raising interest rates.

However, if there looks to be economic uncertainty with regard to America’s short-term political future, it could throw the US Central Bank off-plan. Similar to the US Dollar, when Hilary falls, gold and oil are likely move up in prices, and while she can stand up, the commodities prices should stay lower in USD terms.


Noel is a student of Finance at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland. He has several years' experience in sales and servicing roles, including Lloyd's Banking Group. He hails from the green isles of Ireland, and is using his free time from studying to work in Beijing for the MexGroup.

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