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Is Twitter Finally About To Announce Longer Tweets?

Ever been frustrated by trying to tweet something important, only to find out you’ve hit the character limit? Well, you can worry a little less, as Twitter as decided to increase tweet size limits! According to The Verge, Twitter will no longer include attachments such as photos, gifs, or video clips in the 140-character limit.

However, neither the Verge article, nor Twitter itself, tells us when all of these media types will be implemented onto the social media platform. It is rumored to be by Monday the 19th next week, but nothing’s concrete yet.

Twitter’s leadership has a bit of a history of flip-flopping on decisions. Back in February 2013, Twitter reduced tweets to 117 characters if they included URLs. After much deliberation, the social network giant announced it would omit media applications from the 140-character limit in May, allowing for longer tweets, yet it has not yet come to pass.

Such indecision may be affecting Twitter’s financial performance. Stock prices have gradually fallen, from heady heights of $69.00 per share after its IPO at the beginning of 2014, to around $18.15 as of September 2016, its lowest ever prices. It has gradually seen an increase in regular users over this time, jumping from 255 million to 313 million from Q1 ’14 to Q2 ’16. Here’s hoping the rumor is true this time, for Twitter and its tweeters.


Noel is a student of Finance at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland. He has several years' experience in sales and servicing roles, including Lloyd's Banking Group. He hails from the green isles of Ireland, and is using his free time from studying to work in Beijing for the MexGroup.

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